15.1hh 9 year old warm blood X

May 7th 2022






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I’ve owned summer for 4 years now and has mainly been out hunting each winter with me. Really enjoys the job and probably best suited to this as you can just get on and go and does face hedges well. She can sometimes be keen out hunting but is manageable, usually wears a snaffle (I have put her in a 3 ring gag to hunt a couple of times but didn’t really need it). only wears a fluffy noseband as noseband rubbed without it. Very low mileage, I have done a couple of dressage competitions , cross country schooling, mini hunter trial and sj clinics. Jumps for fun, is keen to do it but never took her out of a snaffle. 


Can be cold backed if been off work for a little while but I’ve never had an issue as I put her on the lunge for ten minutes and she is completely fine to get on and go thereafter. Happily hacks out on her own or in company.

i used to struggle loading her (would just stand and plant herself) however I haven’t had this problem for a year or so, so I think she has overcome this.


She can be lovely and sweet but is your typical mare and can get a head on her at times where she can be bargy in the stable. This is mainly when others are still out and she is in on her own. I have her on oestress and magnesium as I feel this really helps her. when she is happy and content she is good to brush, clip, tackup etc.


Have always kept her barefoot and always done fine. Hives can appear mainly in the summer when she gets hot and stressy vet has looked at them and said nothing to worry about. 


Summer is a beautiful mover and has a lot of potential for someone to have some serious fun on. 


Im now selling her as I no longer have the time she needs to put into her, as I work in racing my time is limited and I have lost interest in having my own. I did go to advertise her a couple of months ago but had a change of heart, however It would now be selfish of me to keep her any longer for her to be wasted. 


Home is important.


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