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Nov 26th 2021





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Cob Also a Cob all Cobs here
Cob Cob Cob
Yep still a Cob all the way back, still Cob.
She was a Cob
Cob He was a Cob too She was also a Cob
Yep you guessed it Cob
So was she a Cob Cobby Cob
You know it, COB


Lara is such a cool cob, and we’ve done so much together, that I could write about her for hours, but I will try to squeeze it in to one advert!

I bought Lara from Ireland as a 3yo, and she’s now 6. She’s a 14.2hh proper cob with a leg at each corner and a serious weight carrier. She feels like a 16hh when you’re on her. I’m 5’8 and size 14 and she takes up my leg and carries me hunting all day, so don’t be fooled in to thinking she’s too small. Lara is NOT a plodder or a kick along, but she is absolutely safe. She believes in her head that she is in-fact a thoroughbred, and she loves to get out and about doing all the fun stuff, hacking, hunting, show jumping, XC, she’s great fun! There’s not much she can’t do, she’s even had a go at dressage lately, and although she thinks it’s very boring, she tried her best and came 10th in her first competition. I absolutely adore Lara, I have used her to lead my kids Shetland ponies, I’ve hacked out with a toddler in front of me on the saddle, I’ve been everywhere wither her, alone or in company, she is totally honest & awesome, however as I’ve said before she is not a plodder! She is responsive and forward going, has a good walk to canter, & she loves going fast (even though her idea of fast is actually not all that fast, and doesn’t last very long-she’s not a stayer, haha), she is not at all spooky, not nappy, and would never ever, in any situation even consider bucking or rearing, it just isn’t in her. She can be strong and joggy, but she is just zero percent nasty or unwilling and will always try her absolute hardest for you. As a person she’s a hilarious character, totally confident and happy. She will happily come over from 10 acres away for the chance of 1 pony nut, and has no worries about being dragged out of the field after not being touched for 6 weeks, having tack thrown on her and going wherever. She would ride exactly the same as the last time you untacked her, no matter how long she’s been off. She is 100% with any traffic, I have to physically push her out of the way with the tractor when I’m putting bales out in the winter, she just doesn’t care. I could probably jump out of the tractor bucket on to her back and she wouldn’t bat an eyelid. You can clip her without even tying her up, I pressure wash her with the steam cleaner and she loves that (saves LOADS of time), she’s easy to shoe when needed too for grip in winter, but has brilliant hard hooves so can go barefoot 90% of the time, she will load in to a trailer, lorry, or backwards facing 3.5t horsebox with no fuss. She has no health issues at all, no itch or laminitis and has never been lame. She’s just a generally cool cob! It is very important to me to find the right home for her, because I do love her! I bought her when I had a 3 children under 4 years old (how did I – or they survive!?) and it was crucial to me that I wasn’t going to fall off. Sadly now the kids are a bit bigger, I’m just not riding her much now (I have a young Conny that I’m trying to get eventing) and she needs to go to someone who can have as much fun with her as I have had. Lara’s perfect home (in my opinion) would be someone who can ride perfectly well but has had children or something else that has made them slightly cautious. Someone who wants to go out and have fun but without the risk of getting bucked off! Lara is fun and forward, so I don’t want a nervous rider who wants to walk everywhere, she’s better than that, so please don’t contact me if you’re looking for a dope on a rope, she’s not that. She wants someone who still want’s to have a blast, but without out taking too many risks. She would be a great parent/child share, a fab hunting cob, a PC/RC all-rounder or just a general purpose friend like she has been for me. If this sounds like you, then Lara might be the horse for you! Give me a ring! I have hundreds of pictures and videos of her in just about every situation I can WhatsApp. 07795345007. I am asking 12,500. Not cheap I know – but worth it!

26/11/2021, 02:30 PM | Ref: AD-00D-I87
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