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May 13th 2022







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Flynn was retired from racing by his previous owner and was sound when i purchased him. I was advised that he would be suitable for hacking but nothing too strenuous due to a previous ligament injury (no jumping).

He was purchased to do light hacking and possibly some low level dressage.


Flynn has a lovely temperament.

He loves to be groomed, fussed, gets on well with other horses, is easy to catch, box, shoe, worm, etc etc.

He is a gentle giant, laid back and lovely to be around.

He has been barefoot with us (sees the farrier 6 weekly for a trim).

He is up to date with vaccinations and wormer.


Flynn can work really nicely under saddle, he has three beautiful paces, and was being ridden regularly, practising flat work with a view to starting low-level dressage with my 17 yr old daughter shortly.

Flynn has hacked out nicely on the road, tractors, cars, bikes etc do not phase him.


Bad bits:

Flynn has started to intermittently plant his feet and at times reverse when we try to encourage him to go forwards.

There doesnt appear to be any pattern or obvious reason why he does this.

Some times he rides lovely and other's he simply says no.

He does not appear to be in any pain, and looks quite relaxed when he does this.

I have had his teeth and back checked.

The vet scoped him for ulcers, for which he was found to have grade 1 ulcers (mild).

He was treated for these and we started to ride him again.

Unfortunately, he continues to go nice some days and refuse on others.

I suspect it is a habit that he picked up, but it is beyond my current expertise, and i simply do not have the time to dedicate to a project horse.


He has no lumps or bumps, however does crib (not to be mistaken for windsucking).

I haven't found the cribbing to be a problem as i purchased a crib collar which works well and prevents him from cribbing in the stable.


For any more info/video please get in touch.

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