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Romero: 10 year old, dapple grey Andalusian gelding standing at 15hh, arrived from Spain in the autumn of last year. He is a one on one horse for someone with lots of time and love. 

He has both a Spanish and English passport, and is up to date with jags, worming, feet and teeth. 


What He Does Well Already:

A really eye-catching boy who can move beautifully

A sweetheart to handle on the ground – can be caught, led and groomed by novices

Can live in and out 

Does lovely in-hand work

Hacks out alone on a loose rein in W/T/C 

Good for the farrier, previously shod but barefoot here 

Good for dentist

Good to load and loads with others 


What We're Working On:

Can be tense with new riders, and when ridden with other horses. His fear response is to run, once more settled and relaxed this behaviour has massively diminished. 

Dominant behaviour with mares and geldings - can be defensive of his girlfriends! 


Romero was bought for us as an established horse to educate our more advanced riders but this is not the right environment for him. He came across from Spain to one yard then another and then quickly arrived at our busy yard.

His history in Spain is unknown to us, but he does have small scars over his muzzle, and he takes longer to build a trust. He has a large scar on his right hind, but this was seen by a vet and passed flexions with flying colours. 

He was initially extremely anxious about the tack, the arena and being worked with other horses. He is now comfortable with tack and arenas, he can hack in company and ride in with other horses, but needs reassurance. 


Over the past 6 months, we have taken him back to the basics and built up. We have established an in-hand routine to build his confidence and strength. In walk, he stretches down and is starting lateral work. In trot, he has a beautiful light self carriage. We are starting to reintroduce canter work and small jumps. He does lateral work in the cavesson and inhand over poles. He has also been lightly ridden western for a change of scenery! 

We have limited grazing and have liveries coming and going, and find he is struggling in a large herd that changes at grass. He is now in his own small paddock where he can see others (mixed herd) and is content with this setup. 


This is a reluctant sale as we see a lot of potential, unfortunately, we already have a host of project horses, liveries, and a riding school to run and we cannot do him justice. 

We are looking for a home on a quiet yard, with an experienced and kind owner. He is not a jump on and go type – he needs someone to build a connection with him on the ground first. Sympathetic turnout with a smaller herd is required. 

Many videos available on request. Open to viewings and vettings. 

22/07/2021, 09:40 PM | Ref: AD-00D-0IA
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