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Aeghan Dhara is a very handsome,sweet, calm, trustworthy boy - no one could ever guess his age based on how well mannered and mature he is! 

We were his very first human contact and broke him in personally last October. He did not get much riding unfortunately due to a small injury on his heel (a cut that left no consequences at all, but took a long time to recover), but he is very advanced on groundwork. He is now picking up his riding again and is progressing quickly. We have worked hard into desensitising this horse, and he is now bombproof. We ride him with no bit, no spurs and no whip - he never ever once bucked, reared, took off or did anything silly! This is how safe he is and how much work we have put into this horse to transform him into a reliable partner. 

Aeghan is an absolute sweetheart, has no vice whatsoever, he is calm and relaxed to work with and very intelligent. Would be perfect for anyone who has the capability and the time to school him and make him blossom in the incredible horse he can be!

Very pleasing to the eyes and great conformation. He has shown excellent capabilities in loose jumping. Aeghan is really the perfect combination between being a calm and reliable horse and a fit and performing one! In the photo he is clearing a 1.20 m.

We are almost certain he is the son of Clerkenwell - his paperwork got lost but we are in the process of getting him dna tested.

Great with farrier, vets, etc. Gets on the trailet on his own. Never an issue with other horses.

Text me on Whatsapp for more info!


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