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Whipper In/Kennelman

The Vine and Craven Hunt are looking for a Whipper In/Kennelman prepared to do horses. Must be able to drive trailer and HGV would be an advantage. Furnished Accomadation. CV's to

Jun 8th 2019

Head Hunt Groom Dorset

Are you passionate about the care and turnout of top quality horses throughout the hunting season?  We offer an opportunity to join our small, rural West Dorset community in a long-term position,

Jun 7th 2019

Price on Application

Whip required for Crawley and Horsham Fox Hounds

The Crawley and Horsham Fox Hounds are seeking a whip for the 2019/20 season. previous experince approval and the applicant would preferably haev a firearms certificate and a trailer

Jun 5th 2019