Fine Fettle Products

May 30th 2019


Fine Fettle Products is a company dedicated to improving horses’ health and wellbeing by natural means. We specialize in the research and development of methods of equine care which work with the immune system to support and maintain natural good health. We manufacture and supply the only active charcoal feed additive ‘Happy Tummy®’ - especially designed for use with horses (and all companion animals) helping problems like colic, gastric ulcers, wind sucking, loose droppings, grass sickness and generally improving the digestive system. We also supply Happy Tummy capsules for humans. Our Fine Fettle Fly-Spray is most effective in dealing with a range of issues from midges to mites and fleas. We have a wealth of experience using our wide range of products to help keep horses and other animals healthy, or help them back to good health. Our expertise is at our customers disposal so if you have any problem with your horse or dog (or any other animal), it is well worth running it past us. We are here to help you and our ADVICE is FREE.,

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